Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Pay It Forward Box- GIVEAWAY!

GIVEAWAY of a New Kind!

I wanted to try something a little different, something that would maybe have a little longer effect....maybe brighten someone's day.  So this is my idea....
Let's do a giveaway for Shop Owners (online, shows, or storefront) or a Charity or Even an individual who wants to do some good for someone else.
I am going to send a Giveaway Box (my Pay It Forward) with at least 10 items....could be all jewelry, could be a mix of jewelry and vintage(!) to an individual who is willing to sell the items in their shop and donate 25% of those proceeds to Paying it Forward in their community or their favorite charity!
I will leave the decision of how you Pay it Forward up to the individual who wins....Donate the money how you best see fit with the condition that whoever receives it Pays it Forward as well~
How To Enter:
1. Leave me a comment on our Facebook Page letting me know your Business Name and Info
(Email + Website)
2. Like+ Share our Page and the Giveaway Link
3. Start Paying It Forward= For Each Act of Paying It Forward you will get an additional entry in the Giveaway! Just leave me a note on our Facebook Page letting me know when you have!
4. The Winner will need to update us at the end to let us know how the Donation was used to help someone out <3
Let's Do Some Good!
xoxo Aspen

Friday, June 7, 2013

Threads by The Dove Cote

THREADS by The Dove Cote

It's been a lot of fun working on our new project which is an expansion of the shop with clothing, more jewelry and Havaiana Sandals! We've added a lot of fun new clothing along with altered clothing which is such a fun way to expand our talents. I've always loved the way clothes can change your day but the problem has  been that I never quite found what I wanted....Not sure why it took so long to realize I just need to make it myself! But man is it fun!

Peace Love Tank with Hand Dyed Ombre Skirt
Southern Charm T-Shirt

Bigger the Bow Better the Mom T-Shirt
Of Course we still have our wonderful Corral Boots and Vintage Boots in Stock and many new styles in!
We have about 15 different styles of Havaianas in now too which is a bit like an addiction considering they come in every color and with and without studs, jewels and prints...they are fantastic!
Be Sure to like our sister site for our clothing & Jewelry Updates and check out our new Online Shop as well!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Shameful Really....

It's been so long....I mean so long it's almost embarrasing! Of course it's been busy but honestly it's been so long because google changed the blog format and it wouldn't allow me to upload pics so I pretended it was a non-issue :) Sorry my bad! But for those who are still hanging in there here's what has been going on....
(Mini Boot Section of Shop)

In April we headed out to the infamous Texas Antique Week (AKA Round Top) and set up at Zapp Hall. As always it's tons of fun and there are so many talented people there that you come back flooded with new ideas and inspiration. Of course the Junky Gypsies are there along with Rodeo Royalty which had an amazing Gypsy Wagon...(I Die!) and many others.

(Jewelry in Shop)
Right after that we held The Vintage Prom which was a benefit for our local Women's Shelter which went off amazingly well! Such a great night and the community was amazing in their support!

                                          I would wear that Teal Petticoat every day if I could!
Photo Area
After that we moved on to adding some clothing to the shop which has been the best fun.
Lots, of great T-shirts, Dresses, and Free Spirit Style Clothing.
Silk Wrap Bracelet from Sari's
This week it's off to Atlanta for Scott's Antique Market so if you're in the area please stop by, we'll be at booth 241!
xoxo ASPEN