Friday, July 26, 2013

New In The Shop

It's been Work Central Around here getting new stuff together and redecorating the shop. Next week is the Longest Yardsale and after that Bella Rustica and from there it's a show almost every other week!

I'm sure if you're on our Facebook page you've seen these bad boys! We are slightly enamored by these little leather loves <3


Hammered Necklaces - Totally Customizable!!

A Whole New Set of Baseball Cuffs Covered in Jeweled Goodies and Vintage Lace!

Be Still My Heart <3

Leather Compass Cuffs $24

A Special Order~
Pale Green Amsh Corner Cupboard

Muslin Prints Getting Ready to be Framed

Pillows~ Working on Many new styles!

xoxo Aspen

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Show Girl

Summer is a bit of a Bermuda Triangle for shows...Kind of hit and miss...Spread Out...Nothing Major but good for catching up and planning for the Fall Shows...Which I am SUPER excited about! There are some really great shows we get to be a part of this year and I've been running thru booth ideas and wanted to share some of the inspiration~

I'm thinking of going with a more pale...shimmery...frosty...forest...fall type of feel...basically a magical fall forest of muted neutrals and earthy elements!

I love these interiors that are a combination of mainly neutrals with some dark tones and garden outdoor type elements which make them a bit more "homey".

It's funny how you can find a booth design idea in the smallest most random element....sparkly chandeliers...collections of plates... a nice curve on a chair~

The Scallop on a Table~

Aren't those windows amazing?? and that Chair?

Basically everything about this makes me SWOON~
And a Splash of the perfect Watermelon Pink and French Teal to make it fun.

Can't wait for the Shows!!
Bella Rustica- August 23-24 at Legacy Farms-
City Farmhouse Barn Show- October 11-12-

xoxo Aspen