Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cafe Au Lait Bowls

I am so in love with my new bowls! God bless Anthropolgie for their wonderful taste!

Love the Lavender-Grey Color...and the Goodwill Pitcher I found for $3 :)

Sweet little egg tray I swiped at Ross~

Found them in white too~ Unfortunately I still can't eat so for now I will just look at them with love!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Friends at Dutch Door Antiques

I've been meaning to introduce y'all for sometime to my wonderful friends at Dutch Door Antiques!
And since I'm laid up with the most horrific mouth pain of my life I figured now was as good a time as any....let me explain... In the span of 2 weeks I have decided to have my wisdom teeth pulled and join the ranks of teenagers everywhere and get braces...yup you heard me right....braces...and sadly I'm not a teenager so it's not cool just uber painful. And the worst part is that I don't even have the braces on yet...just these torture devices called spacers. They were invented to cause pain beyond all imaginable pain.
Ok, enough of my whining :)
This lovely store is in Orlando, FL and hands down has one of the nicest owners (Veronica) you will ever meet. We actually met her back at the Mt Dora show when she was in the process of getting the store opened. Take a gander at some of her goodies~
Love the Zinc Table and Metal Rack~

Such a great Urn~

They have a great selection of vintage and garden items and did I mention they carry our stuff as well? They are exclusive for that area so please stop by to take a look and hopefully take a goodie home :)

If they didn't have great taste already...get this...Veronica has this gorgeous daughter named...Olivia! Goes perfect with my Oliver :)

Seriously, could they be any cuter??
Please check them out on Facebook too at Dutch Door Antiques and let them know I sent you!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hurricane Beryl & The End of Swimming for the Long Weekend!

I love a good storm and Hurricane Beryl has been a bit a of beast in the past 18 hours.... The wind literally sounded like it was going to rip the trees out of the earth, the cars looked like the might float away (slight exaggeration) but the rain has been non-stop and my mom may still be without power since last night.... thought I would share a couple quick pics I took off the front porch trying not to get soaked~

Orange Hall across the street at 10:30 am

I took advantage of all the rain and set my watering cans out to collect some for watering later~

This is the new water feature in my side yard...similar to a retention pond :)
I had to gather everything up on the porch so it wouldn't be washed or blow away! Beryl has clearly meant the end of swimming and boating related activities this weekend which is good I suppose since I'm a little toasty from the boating experience on Saturday. I do love a good storm as long it doesn't get any closer than it already is.
Enjoy your Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nautical Saturday

I was so determined yesterday to make it to the pool with's a summer ritual since I was a kid growing up in Alabama  to spend every waking moment of the summer by the pool or ocean or creek....whatever water I can find. So I was so excited as I was laid out by the pool soaking up some skin cancer to see this nautical house built from a ship (yes a ship!) in Country Living~ I heard those dang angels again!~  This house literally spoke to my heart.... and it said.... please come live here and NEVER leave!
Let's not waste any time, I will just start out with my favorite pic!
The crunchy fabric on the chair and the canvas flask type thing behind it...the wire baskets, the ship, the oils....Le Sigh

I love how light and white it is....I would probably be scared to do it with a 2 yr old but I feel a new wind a blowing in my house....greys & whites....

Just a simple little kitchen and oil of a ship...with a gorgeous mirror in the left corner~ see it hiding?

Love the Blue Jugs...

I will take the entire little area home, especially the stools

Collection of Belgian Wig Maker Heads and Mirrors

This looks really similar to how I organize my cabinets....

Such a fitting house for a Memorial Day Weekend! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Now I'm off to get ready for boating....I have to soak in all the water time I can get before our 1 month of winter sneaks up on us :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New on Etsy

I hope everyone has great plans for this holiday weekend and it doesn't rain long enough to spend some time at the pool ! Before the weekend begins I just want to share some of the goodies I have on Etsy~

I had never seen these before until I actually found them and even then was a little confused as to what they were but they are Vintage Copper Doll Heads that came out of a factory in NY about 30 yrs or so ago when the factory was shut down. All three are different but have all the details still there including strands of hair and little neat!

Metal Ladle Bucket which is approx 6.5" tall. The handle does slide down if you don't want to use it but I've been hanging them off vintage ladders with flowers in them on my front cute

Swedish Style Cane Sided Chair
Pale Greyish Blue with Linen Covered Upholstery and Back

Handmade Beehive Maison Garland stenciled on Linen and Burlap with Hand Stitched Beehive
Skeps on either end

Love this Numbered Foot Ottoman! Perfect for placing in front of a chair as an ottoman/foot stool or used as a small chair for kids.

3 Garden Stakes with Vintage Little Birds with Chalkboard Stakes
I have these little devils all over in my food markers at useful!

I have quite a few other things if you have a moment to hop over and look and about 2 storage units full as well...but that's another story :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, May 21, 2012

The Birdcage

This past week was so jammed pack I'm surprised I got much accomplished....I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled, move 3 trailer loads of furniture to storage that's doesn't fit in the shop, prepare for a birthday party and finish decorating the roomsI knew people would see. I don't know about you but I love having people over and work until the last minute making sure the house looks good, there's plenty of food etc but barely end up with enough time to even get dressed :)

In the midst of getting the house decorated I had one of those moments that happens when you have the perfect items to pull together into one wonderful, stupendous, heart pounding little vignette that makes you go "WHOA that was a stroke of genius!" and it all revolved around this magical green iron birdcage so I thought I would share....

I might need help I love this cage so much....

This is my new sign I found a couple weeks ago as just makes me happy!

This is my entry table... I still need to paint it and the walls but I change it so often I can't decide on a color~

I redid our firescreen too and considering it was the day after I had my wisdom teeth pulled it turned out pretty good :)

I've worked really hard to get my Etsy shop going too so I will try and post those pics this week as well but please check it out if you have a second ~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

From 4 Barns to a Dream Home

Don't you just love a good Architectural Salvage Story? I thought this one featured in Elle Decor was a great example of not rushing thru a restoration but actually taking the time to make it right for the home so it looked like it had always been that way. The owners Andrea Filippone & William Welch actually took 4 barns and turned them into one major home with 11,000 sqft of work and living space....take a gander~

Stunning No?

The mantle is divine and apparently they spent a yr chipping paint off of it in order to get
down to the plaster~

This my friends is a room where I'm fairly certain magic is made...The columns, the winged victory, busts,
architectural salvage, chandelier...Yup Happiness & Magic all in the same room~

I love that there's a Santos on the Table!