Thursday, February 27, 2014

Round Top Time Again!

It seems like I literally just left Round a sweaty worn out ball of antiquing glory! The Fall show was just a killer in terms of weather last time but the Spring show is just always so beautiful and warm and even tho it feels like I just re-couped (yeah right!) I'm ready to go again! And the absolute best part is that 2 of the loveliest gals are building their dream field from their pretty 8 acre ground up!

It's located between Marburger Farms and Zapp Hall so while you're out making the rounds you won't miss it!
Their while concept is to create this amazing venue that you and your friends will want to "Rendezvous" at each year to see all the incredible vendors/artists and displays that Texas Antique Week has come to be known for.

We've started building our setup and I'm thinking we are headed towards a French Storefront setup. Lots of work to do and parts to hunt down in the next few weeks but hey, WHO NEEDS SLEEP? I will sleep after Texas! Be sure to hop over to their page and check out the amazing vendors we are lucky enough to set up with and the beautiful going-ons!

XOXO- Aspen

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A View into My Dining Room

I feel like every time I write a post I have to start with the list of what has kept me away so long... I'm not the best at keeping a regular Blog schedule....Facebook however is a different story! And Instagram has finally gotten ahold of us too! There is something so much easier about posting a pic and a mini sentence or rambling thought.

I have however moved the shop from St Marys, GA to Fernandina Beach,FL into part of the Historic Beech St Grill which means I got the bottom part of my house back (WOOHOO!!!) and I have been working on getting things back together. If you came in you will recognize this room where the jewelry was~
My  beautiful entry table got a paint job and some of my fave blue willow finally came out of storage. It's nice to be able to look at all the pieces again, pieces that I have collected, received from my mom and also from my aunt as a wedding present. 
This is where the clothing rack used to be and now it's back to my dining room cupboard and this gorgeous 1930's muslin horse I bought in January at the Mt Dora show. I actually saw him in December and couldn't decide if I should buy him since I wouldn't consider selling him but as fate would have it he was only 3 booths from me when I got there in January! I love him so much!

This amazing cupboard was also in the shop and difficult to get a light pic of because there is so much sunshine in this room so this pic is via my Instagram after I filtered it but I adore this cupboard and think I subconsciously covered it in the shop because I had no desire to ever sell it... and my husband would divorce me if I told him to move it...and of course #2 of the Vintage horses I have. I'm slowly building a mini herd :)

The new shop has been amazing. One of those things you work so hard for, stress over everything being beautiful, and is truly a labor of love. While I will probably never give up shows because I love that lifestyle of traveling and junking across the US, I really love having a bigger home base and bay windows! I've never been more affectionate towards bay windows than the 2 at my new location!!
 New Shop Display~

XOXO Aspen