Monday, November 12, 2012

Country Living Show at Stone Mountain

A couple weeks ago we were at The Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain and had a blast. It was such a fantastic show and the park was gorgeous~

This was probably one of my favorite shows because the booths were set up along the camp sites and I was slightly in love with how our booth turned out~

We started out with alot of mercury Christmas trees and pinks in the booth with some chippy white furniture~

This was taken as we were setting up the jewelry...isn't that feather vintage Mardi Gras mask amazing?

Such a great Show!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

These Boots were made for Rockin....

Texas has done something....It's made me boot obsessed and looking hi and lo for the coolest clothes I can find! I will admit, I've always been a Gypsy at heart and travel on a moment's notice to wherever my heart tells me to go but I'm so excited to say that we are EXPANDING our shop!

Why not share our love for Vintage boots and Handmade Jewelry and clothes that make you want to wear them 24/7 because they bring out that inner Gypsy?

This is what we already have in....

Vintage Boots to Drool over~

Yummy Vintage Frye~

There are lots more boots in shop and online at The Dove Cote Brocante

We also have these amazing Upcycled Baseball Cuffs made with Vintage Reclaimed Jewelry~

This is just a taste of what we actually have....There's a lot more in the shop! And also online The Dove Cote Brocante and our first shipment of clothng will be arriving next week. So Excited!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Texas Fun

I did manage to take quite a bit of pics while we were at Zapp Hall of the booths and the area to share. Needless to say I missed it as soon as we pulled out of the drive and can't wait to go back in April. If there's one thing I could say about this field it's that the people a rock...they are some of the kindest vendors and field owners you will ever meet so every day was like going to summer camp for adults!

Royers Cafe
So let's take a little tour of Antique Heaven on Hwy 237~

Her's the booth as we were setting up...full Halloween going on here~

It was piled full during setup!

I will never forget the dollhouse that weighed as much as a car....

Some of the other booths-

Her booth was fantastic!

This delightfullness was in Carolyn Westbrook's Booth~

I can't remember which field this was but it was one close to us at Zapp

This is my friend from Atlanta's booth...just wonderful!

And of course...we were 2  spaces over from....