Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Junking

Took me awhile but I finally made my way back for the rest of the photos :)  Between Work...a 2yr old and the hundreds of projects I have assigned myself the only time I can remember the entire "To Do" list is right before bed time but I have been working on alot of pieces that I need to share too. the junk...this little chair was only $35! I almost died!

So this little monstrosity is in the midst of a makeover, it has great bones and should be an easy recover..I'm thinking about using duckcloth and then stenciling on the back of the seat.
I HOPE to have it done by Saturday for a local antique market yard sale and so far it looks better with just the hideous fabric, or should I say plastic off ...

This is one of my favorites. It was covered in dust but came with the tureen, platter and even had the lid with no cracks or chips. Just made me happy!

Enough about my new love...this little bottle is worth a mention too. I have never seen one with a crown top and thought it was the best $2 ever spent, hands down!

Great pair of Angel Wings (One for Etsy too!)

This little table I already painted a pale blue (it was originally just wood) but it has a great swag detail which is kind of hard to make out in the picture-

Detail of the Swag
Well it's off to paint more furniture and bed!
Have a great evening~

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flea Market Heaven

This weekend I was so excited to go junking at Mt Dora's Flea Market! Three times a year they have a giant Extravaganza that you really need all 3 days to get thru but we decided to hustle thru in one day. The weather was pefect around 70 degrees (did I mention I LOVE living in the South!) and even on the second day of the market there were so many goodies and deals that I feel like it was such a blur of excitement I can't remember everthing! I wanted to share a few finds and projects I found...

Olive Baskets!! So excited about these little babies!!

I almost hypervenilated over these "circus" letters...can you believe there were so many?

When I got them home I laid them out to clean them and my little 2yr old  "factory worker" got busy organizing :)

 One of the main reasons we went is because we bought a Historic home in Downtown St Marys (GA) last summer and we have a wonderful formal living room that sits at the front of the house and are in the process of opening a shop in it so this was a great first buying trip to get the shop stocked but some of the finds I will be putting on Etsy too.

I have to put seats back in but I'm thinking covered with grainsacks or burlap...

John the Baptist from 1832 (signed and dated)

One vendor has these fun Union Jack Cubes and all kinds of printed vintage pillows (definitely have a few for Etsy)

Some Sweet little garden beauties!

I have so much more to share but for the sake of stalling your computer downloading pics I will save some for later this week. Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Mushroom Factory

I have become slightly obsessed with glitter this all started with Pinterest (of course!) but have had a blast gluing and glittering to my heart's content in the past few days. I found these wonderful mushrooms forms and began "growing" them in my little Mushroom Factory in the Dining Room and I love each one so much that I wanted to take you on a tour of the factory!

This is the factory where Glitter Mushrooms are grown in little French Terracotta Pots on a sweet bed of moss! There is soo much glitter everywhere that I 'm pretty sure it got in our food last night...but I'm not going to bring that up at my house! I wish I had more forms since they just look so sweet.

And finally... the Harvest! I want to use them in a cloche or terrarium but have to find some beautiful things to surround them with...maybe some fern...moss and a little succulent.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Italian Patio in the South

My dad has been in Landscaping & Masonry for as long as I can remember and I wanted to share this gorgeous project he is working on for everyone to enjoy as well. A friend of his built a new home recently and has now set about to make it not so "new" with various projects inside and out. This is the project is on their back patio and is inspired by Italian Gardens which he loves so much. It's not quite finished but you can see where it's headed and hopefully he finds his way to my house next!

This is close-ups of the progress.... The Urn is to die for!

Close Up of the Bricked Grill Area, I can just smell all the wonderful food you cook here!

One More Pic and I will update once it's finished and landscaped so you can enjoy it too!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Enchanted Miss Clara

This wonderful artist is from Bordeaux who creates the most magical paper creations I have ever seen! It's the equivalent of Tim Burton going to France and coming back inspired. Even her home is magical....Enjoy!

Look at the Lanterns Drifting over the staircase...

Beautiful little workspace....

Some of her Magical Artwork...

One last lovely creation....

If you want to see more delightful photos or visit her site and blog..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Devil is in the Details

Just a few of my favorite pictures that have details that make them special.

Fisherman's Block made into a sink...

You can never go wrong with a Crystal Chandelier & Beautiful Urn...

Built In Shelving to Show off Loved Pottery...

Just a Simple Bouquet from the Garden to Liven up the Silver!

French Trumeau with Sweet Details in the Reflection...

I would Garden all day long if this was my water spout & basin!

I saved my favorite for last! This is the type of kitchen that you make memories in with your family. I can see baking and crafts and inspiration everywhere in this wonderful room. I may have to have it....

Images via Pinterest