Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh, To Love a Chair

I love a chair like Carrie Bradshaw loves a pair of shoes, wonderful French chairs with great bones showing through and simple fabrics and of course the chair's slightly more dramatic cousin, the settee. I will hang onto a chair frame for the simple reason that it's beautiful or could be beautiful or should be beautiful at least once in its' life.

We recently went to NYC and I made my husband go to Hell's Kitchen Flea Market to find treasure and lo and behold there were two amazingly beautiful French Gilt chairs with tufted red velvet....they were perfect in everything but size...I had absolutely no way to bring them back or ship them back.

I ran thru every possible scenario...could I stuff them in a taxi?...could they be dismantled and reassembled? shrunk perhaps? Since all possibilities were unpractical or unrealistic I settled on purchasing a 30lb metal birdfeeder and made my hubsand lug it around all day secretly angry at the individual that would end up with MY beautiful chairs in their NYC apartment. It was a painful goodbye but I would take any one of these beauties to ease the pain.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Beauty in French Colors

I have always loved the color blue but french blue is more of an experience then a color. The lighter shades remind me of that first spring day when it's finally warm and the air smells fresh and you just know summer and gardens and flowers are right around the corner. It reminds me of my childhood in the South with wonderful grandparent, cousins and lots of tea and hammocks. It's not a conscious thought so much as a wonderful feeling!

And while it is Christmas Eve, I am looking forward to what this coming Spring and Summer are going to be
and all the junking to be had! It feels more like a military strategy to be planned and re-hashed in order to not a miss a thing this year has to offer. I wish everyone a wonderful new year to come and pray it is better then you could have ever dreamed and hope your days have a little bit of french blue to remind you of the good times in your own life.