Thursday, April 9, 2015


It's been such an eternity since the last blog it's kinda hard to figure out where to start, but don't worry, I won't BORE you with the laundry list of my day to day life! Especially with a title such as this.
Instead, I thought I would share the story behind one of my best selling cuffs & why everyone loves it and why I don't own one.
We've all been thru crap.... I mean the really hard crappy crap that makes you say "This can't be my life, my history." Several years ago the CrapStorm landed and I really struggled with it (total wounded heart). To begin, my younger brother is one of those people in my life that I would walk thru fire for. Not because of anything other than we just really love and get one another. Always been that way, even being 11 years apart.
Well during the CrapStorm he hit rock bottom & wanted/tried (such a fine line) to commit suicide. Needless to say it was like my world was burnt to the ground. If you've been here you know it's a constant dialog in your head...
"What are the right words to fix this, make him understand he is worth life?
 "Don't they know how much I love them? Need them in my life?"
Truth is, there is nothing you can say because it's not about you and never was. It's a decision he had to make, he had to accept....goes against every grain of my "let me help you" being!
My amazing brother is so much better now & that's just a moment in the past we can thankfully talk about. But while I was the processing this moment (...for a few years!) I made this cuff. I had the quote as my phone background, I let it roll around in my head & thought about it daily. I tried to absorb it into every part of my being.
This cuff was NEVER meant for anyone but me. I didn't feel like I was healed enough to share it, I did NOT want to share it. It was my talisman and it kept me safe. Until...
At a show this beautiful soul came up to me & asked if she could buy it off my wrist. She could tell I was trying to politely say "I'm sorry, I can't." So she started saying "My brother (now I'm totally listening) is 19 and just went blind. We are very close and it makes me think of him (I'm almost crying and basically tearing it off my wrist at this point) & I NEED it."
I mean, She NEEDED it...that simple. I no longer needed it but she did. So it was hers. All it took. I've never owned one since, don't need it anymore. I have my brother.
Since then I've made more of the Strong Cuffs than I can count. They have gone to cancer survivors, families who have lost loved ones, people who are building a fresh start and so many countless other beautiful people.
But that is why I wake up every day thankful for what I do. I'm blessed with the task of making jewelry that gives people comfort, laughter, joy, & sometimes makes them feel like a badass. It's so much more than Leather + Metal. It's really wearing your affirmation and your heart on your sleeve so to speak. And I'm so grateful I get to contribute to that with my work.
XOXO- Aspen

The Dove Cote Brocante

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Round Top Time Again!

It seems like I literally just left Round a sweaty worn out ball of antiquing glory! The Fall show was just a killer in terms of weather last time but the Spring show is just always so beautiful and warm and even tho it feels like I just re-couped (yeah right!) I'm ready to go again! And the absolute best part is that 2 of the loveliest gals are building their dream field from their pretty 8 acre ground up!

It's located between Marburger Farms and Zapp Hall so while you're out making the rounds you won't miss it!
Their while concept is to create this amazing venue that you and your friends will want to "Rendezvous" at each year to see all the incredible vendors/artists and displays that Texas Antique Week has come to be known for.

We've started building our setup and I'm thinking we are headed towards a French Storefront setup. Lots of work to do and parts to hunt down in the next few weeks but hey, WHO NEEDS SLEEP? I will sleep after Texas! Be sure to hop over to their page and check out the amazing vendors we are lucky enough to set up with and the beautiful going-ons!

XOXO- Aspen

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A View into My Dining Room

I feel like every time I write a post I have to start with the list of what has kept me away so long... I'm not the best at keeping a regular Blog schedule....Facebook however is a different story! And Instagram has finally gotten ahold of us too! There is something so much easier about posting a pic and a mini sentence or rambling thought.

I have however moved the shop from St Marys, GA to Fernandina Beach,FL into part of the Historic Beech St Grill which means I got the bottom part of my house back (WOOHOO!!!) and I have been working on getting things back together. If you came in you will recognize this room where the jewelry was~
My  beautiful entry table got a paint job and some of my fave blue willow finally came out of storage. It's nice to be able to look at all the pieces again, pieces that I have collected, received from my mom and also from my aunt as a wedding present. 
This is where the clothing rack used to be and now it's back to my dining room cupboard and this gorgeous 1930's muslin horse I bought in January at the Mt Dora show. I actually saw him in December and couldn't decide if I should buy him since I wouldn't consider selling him but as fate would have it he was only 3 booths from me when I got there in January! I love him so much!

This amazing cupboard was also in the shop and difficult to get a light pic of because there is so much sunshine in this room so this pic is via my Instagram after I filtered it but I adore this cupboard and think I subconsciously covered it in the shop because I had no desire to ever sell it... and my husband would divorce me if I told him to move it...and of course #2 of the Vintage horses I have. I'm slowly building a mini herd :)

The new shop has been amazing. One of those things you work so hard for, stress over everything being beautiful, and is truly a labor of love. While I will probably never give up shows because I love that lifestyle of traveling and junking across the US, I really love having a bigger home base and bay windows! I've never been more affectionate towards bay windows than the 2 at my new location!!
 New Shop Display~

XOXO Aspen

Friday, July 26, 2013

New In The Shop

It's been Work Central Around here getting new stuff together and redecorating the shop. Next week is the Longest Yardsale and after that Bella Rustica and from there it's a show almost every other week!

I'm sure if you're on our Facebook page you've seen these bad boys! We are slightly enamored by these little leather loves <3


Hammered Necklaces - Totally Customizable!!

A Whole New Set of Baseball Cuffs Covered in Jeweled Goodies and Vintage Lace!

Be Still My Heart <3

Leather Compass Cuffs $24

A Special Order~
Pale Green Amsh Corner Cupboard

Muslin Prints Getting Ready to be Framed

Pillows~ Working on Many new styles!

xoxo Aspen

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Show Girl

Summer is a bit of a Bermuda Triangle for shows...Kind of hit and miss...Spread Out...Nothing Major but good for catching up and planning for the Fall Shows...Which I am SUPER excited about! There are some really great shows we get to be a part of this year and I've been running thru booth ideas and wanted to share some of the inspiration~

I'm thinking of going with a more pale...shimmery...frosty...forest...fall type of feel...basically a magical fall forest of muted neutrals and earthy elements!

I love these interiors that are a combination of mainly neutrals with some dark tones and garden outdoor type elements which make them a bit more "homey".

It's funny how you can find a booth design idea in the smallest most random element....sparkly chandeliers...collections of plates... a nice curve on a chair~

The Scallop on a Table~

Aren't those windows amazing?? and that Chair?

Basically everything about this makes me SWOON~
And a Splash of the perfect Watermelon Pink and French Teal to make it fun.

Can't wait for the Shows!!
Bella Rustica- August 23-24 at Legacy Farms-
City Farmhouse Barn Show- October 11-12-

xoxo Aspen

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Pay It Forward Box- GIVEAWAY!

GIVEAWAY of a New Kind!

I wanted to try something a little different, something that would maybe have a little longer effect....maybe brighten someone's day.  So this is my idea....
Let's do a giveaway for Shop Owners (online, shows, or storefront) or a Charity or Even an individual who wants to do some good for someone else.
I am going to send a Giveaway Box (my Pay It Forward) with at least 10 items....could be all jewelry, could be a mix of jewelry and vintage(!) to an individual who is willing to sell the items in their shop and donate 25% of those proceeds to Paying it Forward in their community or their favorite charity!
I will leave the decision of how you Pay it Forward up to the individual who wins....Donate the money how you best see fit with the condition that whoever receives it Pays it Forward as well~
How To Enter:
1. Leave me a comment on our Facebook Page letting me know your Business Name and Info
(Email + Website)
2. Like+ Share our Page and the Giveaway Link
3. Start Paying It Forward= For Each Act of Paying It Forward you will get an additional entry in the Giveaway! Just leave me a note on our Facebook Page letting me know when you have!
4. The Winner will need to update us at the end to let us know how the Donation was used to help someone out <3
Let's Do Some Good!
xoxo Aspen

Friday, June 7, 2013

Threads by The Dove Cote

THREADS by The Dove Cote

It's been a lot of fun working on our new project which is an expansion of the shop with clothing, more jewelry and Havaiana Sandals! We've added a lot of fun new clothing along with altered clothing which is such a fun way to expand our talents. I've always loved the way clothes can change your day but the problem has  been that I never quite found what I wanted....Not sure why it took so long to realize I just need to make it myself! But man is it fun!

Peace Love Tank with Hand Dyed Ombre Skirt
Southern Charm T-Shirt

Bigger the Bow Better the Mom T-Shirt
Of Course we still have our wonderful Corral Boots and Vintage Boots in Stock and many new styles in!
We have about 15 different styles of Havaianas in now too which is a bit like an addiction considering they come in every color and with and without studs, jewels and prints...they are fantastic!
Be Sure to like our sister site for our clothing & Jewelry Updates and check out our new Online Shop as well!