Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tour of Home St Marys

Last weekend was the Downtown St Marys Tour of Homes and we were lucky enough to be asked to be on it so I wanted to share some pics we took that night of what went down in the way of Christmas decorating. Our shop is run out of our home which is a Historic Home Downtown called the Rudulph House (Christmas Appropriate Huh?). It was built around 1876 per the plaque but I really think it's probably earlier and around The Civil War Era from some history we've dug up.

This was the last official event this month so I'm happy to have it over and have been so successful!
There were around 200 people that came thru our home and shop which was wonderful.

Clawfoot Tub of Christmas Balls~

My little Goat Wagon with a Christmas Vignette of vintage frames and mercury trees~

If you look close b/w the windows there's a glittered stag head...he may stay up all yr!

Blessed Mother Vignette by the Front Windows~

Sorry they turned out so grainy! I think the overload of Christmas lights that were on didn't help!
Such a great night and lots of Goodies in the Store!

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  1. What a lovely home with lots of creative touches. One of these days I'll make it up your way.