Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A View into My Dining Room

I feel like every time I write a post I have to start with the list of what has kept me away so long... I'm not the best at keeping a regular Blog schedule....Facebook however is a different story! And Instagram has finally gotten ahold of us too! There is something so much easier about posting a pic and a mini sentence or rambling thought.

I have however moved the shop from St Marys, GA to Fernandina Beach,FL into part of the Historic Beech St Grill which means I got the bottom part of my house back (WOOHOO!!!) and I have been working on getting things back together. If you came in you will recognize this room where the jewelry was~
My  beautiful entry table got a paint job and some of my fave blue willow finally came out of storage. It's nice to be able to look at all the pieces again, pieces that I have collected, received from my mom and also from my aunt as a wedding present. 
This is where the clothing rack used to be and now it's back to my dining room cupboard and this gorgeous 1930's muslin horse I bought in January at the Mt Dora show. I actually saw him in December and couldn't decide if I should buy him since I wouldn't consider selling him but as fate would have it he was only 3 booths from me when I got there in January! I love him so much!

This amazing cupboard was also in the shop and difficult to get a light pic of because there is so much sunshine in this room so this pic is via my Instagram after I filtered it but I adore this cupboard and think I subconsciously covered it in the shop because I had no desire to ever sell it... and my husband would divorce me if I told him to move it...and of course #2 of the Vintage horses I have. I'm slowly building a mini herd :)

The new shop has been amazing. One of those things you work so hard for, stress over everything being beautiful, and is truly a labor of love. While I will probably never give up shows because I love that lifestyle of traveling and junking across the US, I really love having a bigger home base and bay windows! I've never been more affectionate towards bay windows than the 2 at my new location!!
 New Shop Display~

XOXO Aspen

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