Thursday, February 27, 2014

Round Top Time Again!

It seems like I literally just left Round a sweaty worn out ball of antiquing glory! The Fall show was just a killer in terms of weather last time but the Spring show is just always so beautiful and warm and even tho it feels like I just re-couped (yeah right!) I'm ready to go again! And the absolute best part is that 2 of the loveliest gals are building their dream field from their pretty 8 acre ground up!

It's located between Marburger Farms and Zapp Hall so while you're out making the rounds you won't miss it!
Their while concept is to create this amazing venue that you and your friends will want to "Rendezvous" at each year to see all the incredible vendors/artists and displays that Texas Antique Week has come to be known for.

We've started building our setup and I'm thinking we are headed towards a French Storefront setup. Lots of work to do and parts to hunt down in the next few weeks but hey, WHO NEEDS SLEEP? I will sleep after Texas! Be sure to hop over to their page and check out the amazing vendors we are lucky enough to set up with and the beautiful going-ons!

XOXO- Aspen

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