Thursday, February 9, 2012


This coming week is going to be so busy with the market show on Friday that my husband and I are actually going out for Valentines tomorrow night and to a movie by ourselves which is a miracle in an of itself since we travel with a heard of people all the time. I've been working to get everything ready so I'm more than happy that he has planned everything so I don't have to think about anything else! Between Valentines and Easter bouquets are everywhere, which is mighty fine by me! These are some beautiful images that are just inspiring for so many reasons that I wanted to share and hope they bring a little beauty to your day as well~

I love the simple tray and colors

Sweet Bouquet of Pink & Magentas

Fresh Bulbs at the Market

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have this place to go to?
Just to pick flowers, read or walk around....

1&2. Blomsterverkstad 3. A Rosy Note 4. Via Pinterest
5. Image Unknown

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