Monday, February 20, 2012

In Search of Rest

I feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth in the past 10 days! We decided to be a vendor at Mt Dora's Flea Market they had this past weekend only 2 weeks in advance!! In those 2 weeks I have re-upholstered and painted more furniture than I have in the past 2 years all together and I am POOPED. It did turn out to be a fantastic weekend full of wonderful (and I mean WONDERFUL) customers and other vendors who made it all worth the lack of sleep and energy it took to carry it off. Not only do you get to sell your goodies but you get to shop while you are there and I dreamed every night of my buying strategy for the next day :)

I completely forgot in all the excitement to take photos down in the tents but this a sliver from the hillside as we were's about 20 times this size with people from all over. My husband compared it to Carnies which makes me love it even more....I always wanted to be in the Circus or a Gypsy wandering around :)
Since this was really the initial adventure into doing these markets we don't have all the fancy enclosed trailers and box trucks everyone else does so we took a little truck and another vehicle with a trailer...let's just say the Beverly Hillbillies had nothing on us! The best part of the show was having so many shop owners actually buy our goodies for their stores...I think our stuff made it all the way to Key West, all over Orlando, Ohio and this precious customer who is moving soon that decided to re-do a room from our booth! One of the most exciting customers were 2 buyers from The Paris Market in Savannah, GA. They were beyond precious and I really just wanted them to hang out all day!

While I totally forgot to take pics of our booth...(I cannot even believe it but I was sooo tired and busy) I did remember to take pics of this beautiful French booth called La Casita...

I loved this little washstand the owner brought back from France~

and this mail bin another lady had

As a side note...If you decide to take your 2 yr old to a 4 day Flea Market Extravaganza let me warn you...this is what they look like when you arrive~

Isn't that just sweet?
But things change after 4 days and when you finally pull out of the parking lot for that drive home...this is what you will find in the back seat~

Thank heavens the markers were washable!

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