Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ideas for a Craft Room

This adventure in opening a shop on top of a way too much everyday work (real estate) has my plate so full that my house has kind of exploded into a storage unit in the hallways...doorways...corners...virtually everywhere something can be moved or stored until I can get to it. So this weekend I have gathered just enough energy to work on my spare bedroom which is going to be my craft room.

I've always wanted a craft room in pale pastels because the colors just make me wanna stay and create for hours on end. Kind of a cross between a craft room and a vintage postcard style candy shop...full of pale colors, a little sugary and above all else CALM!

Finding the right pieces is a bit trickier because I can't force myself to buy anything new and convenient...even though it may make life easier it just goes against my grain. I do have some wonderful large vintage Ball jars I'm going to use for the smaller items and a great cupboard I got this past week so I'm hoping it at least helps with the storage situation that's happening.

TJ Maxx has some of those wonderful candy style apothecary jars which I'm going to pick up for ribbons...and I do have that little wheel basket which I may relocate to that room too :)

The idea of finally having my craft room had me so happy I swear I spent an hour just re-arranging a garland and an entire morning sorting sticker and paper crafts.

I will share pics once it's done! I can't wait!

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