Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Good French Green

I found these great carved door panels on my latest judging at how dirty they are! There is only so much time & energy in one day :) I am probably going to keep these for myself and hang them over my bedroom mantle and have the idea of doing them in a good French green patina with gold leaf and was going thru some potential color choices that make me swoon~

Not winning any awards with those photos but here are the color ideas~

Such good "Patina"

Isn't that just Yummy?

As if the wall isn't enough they have to own that table too...of all the nerve

I love the way this is distressed. It reminds me of my mom who is able to wear white linen and have hair done while wielding an electric sander in 80 degree heat and still manages to look put together at the end of the day! Can't say I look the same at the end of the day...I'm more like a drowned cat....

One last lovely to leave you with. I'm off to NYC tomorrow and hopefully going to be able to spend a little time at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market on Saturday! Enjoy your weekend~

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