Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market & NYC

This past weekend myself and 2 of my friends went to NYC to see one of our friends perform at Caroline's Comedy Club (SOO exciting!) and luckily even though my friends aren't dying to go to a flea market like me they went with me and of course we found some treasure :) If you haven't been to this market it's rather small and seems to have a mix of small antiques and then booths with street vendor type items so it's great if you are flying back home and can't carry anything large but want some type of goodie.
This is "Fiona", my friend and I Co-adopted her since we both loved her so much! I've never seen one with 2 drawers for Cake and Bread so we decided she had to come home with us. Originally we thought she would fit in the suitcase but she was much too big so we had to get the LARGEST bag the Disney store had and stuff her in it to carry it on the plane. I know they thought I was crazy sending it thru security but hey it's not the first and won't be the last time I bring junk thru as a carry on! I firmly believe in the " no treasure left behind" method :)


Love these old paper pieces and seed packets~ they will probably end up as a garland for the Fancy Flea~

Children's Blocks and Large Numbered Brass Pin with Canvas Patch to Hook it to

This is a little metal carousel with animals around it that actually spins...I love old Circus items like a kid loves Christmas!

I've been to NYC a few times but always in the coldest weather so it was great to actually be warm and able to walk around and look at the all the flowers which were just glorious. I took a few pics in Central Park I thought you might enjoy~

Almost ready for the Fancy Flea (yeah right!) so I hope to have time to post some pics before the show of what we are bringing and hope to see you there. We did just find out that we are Vendor #176 and will be on E Lemon St. Can't Wait!

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