Friday, June 22, 2012

Coming to the Shop~ Vintage by Nina Books!

I was so excited yesterday to get my store copy of Vintage by Nina in the mail!! We ordered copies for the shop which are in the process of being translated in English now and will be available in mid-Septemeber so in the mean time we received the international version and the pics...oh man the pics are just gorgeous and slightly magical. Everything is in these wonderful shades of greys and whites and some blues and you really don't even have to be able to read it to appreciate what a fantastic designer Nina Hartman is....let me share~
You have probably seen this rolling around the internet but let me share some new pics I came across that I hadn't recently seen of her home and shop~

This is Nina's actual home~

I love this pic! There are several pages in the book of vintage circus and clown costumes hung with old ballet slippers...I have such a thing for anything vintage circus~

Do you see the tiny little birdcage?
too cute!
No a few pages from the actual book~

Wonderful huh? It's jam packed with pics like these, literally every page of wonderfully yummy pictures!
If you are interested please email us because we have a limited number of copies and will take pre-orders with delivery as soon as they get here!
The info for the books is as follows:
Shop photos via Flickr
Book Photos via Atelier de Campagne

Title: Vintage by Nina
Hardcover: 164 pages
Dimensions: 10"x 9"
More than 300 colour photographs
Price: $66

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