Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Concrete Bee Skeps & Books & Crowns Oh My!

I know it's been forever but I promise I have an excuse! We did Scott's Antique Market a little over a week ago and I stumbled upon the most fantastical concrete ever, yup ever! But before I could get it on the blog I had LASIK....I'm no drama queen but I'm fairly certain that my eyes were burned out of my head....there were about 5 hours where I lost time! So that was Friday and my vision is recovering and it's still pretty blurry (ironic huh?) So I've got my face smushed to the computer screen in an effort to share some of these amazing finds that will work their way on Etsy in the coming days!

These Bee Skeps are unbelievable, they are molded after an antique English Bee Skep that had crusted mud and straw still on it which gives this one so much detail! It really doesn't even look concrete~

These book are also molded after old books and come in several sizes but are perfect for leaving in the garden or outside since they can't be damaged!

Jumping Rabbit Stake...this is the small one but my favorite....
The large one...so much character!

French Tom Pot

Bird's Nest...can't you just see them with moss in them or candles for a centerpiece on a table?

Flaming Hearts with holes so they can be hooked. These will probably make their way on to a sign because they are the perfect size for such a thing!

In the midst of not being able to see I did decide it was a good time to start sewing some new patterns for burlap bins, aprons and garden belts...makes perfect sense right??

Sewing Roomn via atthepicketfence.com


  1. Hi, are you still selling the concrete books? Thx!

  2. Hi... I also want to know how to make the books... do u sell the mold...? best regards karina from danmark