Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alex MacArthur Antiques

This must be the week for wonderful sites because I was online this morning trying to get my day organzied and caught up and found this wonderful little diddy of a site. It's an English designer who to say the least is worthy of slight crush over his style and antiques!
His sites says that his pieces range from the 17th to 20th Century with an emphasis on the dramatic and decadent...clearly my type of guy!

The scallop on this table is simply sinful!

Tolix Anyone?

These are the actual photos of his home which doubles as a showroom. Love the industrial mixed with checkerboard floors and natural wood~

Where does one procure a white trunk?? It's wonderful!

Hard not be jealous of the console...the tub...the floors...the lockers...well you get the idea!

 If you get a chance pop over to his site and scroll thru the pics and drool :)
Or if your super lucky visit his shop in East Sussex, England but don't tell me because it may be more than I can bear!

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