Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

The other weekend my husband took me to Orlando for a concert I was dying to go to and we ran across a Flea Market close to St Augustine which I had seen but never stopped at before. I was kind of concerned that it would be more of "dollar store" type stalls but suprising there was actually some good stuff!
One of the best booths was full of vintage Salt & Pepper shakers stamped with "JAPAN" on the bottom...needless to say my skills in buying in bulk came into play and I got more than one set....

This is probably my favorite set... Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf

Pair of Puppies in Berets

This little sweetheart is what originally caught my eye but was missing it's pair which is sad but I'm in love with her!

The Flea Market was somewhat indoors and the temperature outside was hovering around 100 degrees which is bad enough without being enclosed in a metal building with no ventilation! By the end of the trip I was a disaster but in heaven~ as always when it comes to junking~

We are planning on hitting up the Goodwill and some other junk stores down in Destin this weekend so hopefully my friend won't kill me...she's not super into junking and I had to explain we are looking for treasure and vintage goodies at the junk stores...not used underwear!

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