Sunday, July 29, 2012

London Markets

I basically spent the majority of my trip hunting junk even though "technically" I was there to visit a friend. Thank heavens my friend loves the hunt as much as I do because we made it to around 4 different markets and it's exhausting hauling around treasures all day long! I did want to share some pics and the markets I went to in case anyone is planning a trip or vacation and wants a couple easy markets to get to.

One of the first markets I found (by accident) turned out to be one of the best. We were over at Spitalfield Market and there are 2 sections. The first section has clothes and jewelry and typical street fair type merchandise but the second side has some great antiques and is under a covered awning which is perfect for London's tempermental weather.

OOOHHH how I wanted this!

In the left hand corner there are some hand thrown Victorian Clay pots....

From what I can gather this market is open Tues-Fri and again on Sunday and is well worth the short Tube ride over. There is also plenty of eating and other shoping the area if you run out of junk to buy!

So this little lovely of a market is a short walk from the Wimbledon Park Tube stop and is a cross between a  huge yard sale and a flea market. Some booths are just junk (of the bad variety) but there are plenty that are Junk (of the "I hear angels singing" variety).

Basically it's what's called a Car Boot Sale (hence all the cars) so everyone pulls their car into their space and sells stuff out of the back. It was one of my favorite markets, the pictures can't do it justice, because the prices are much cheaper and you never know what someone has brought out of ther barn or home to sell for the day.

1930's Faux Bois Planters

I'm fairly certain bicycles don't get much prettier (under all that dirt!) Leather seats and Beautiful colors!
I did get quite a few things at this market including 2 Leather Cases, Metal Childrens Animals, Ivory (?) Dominoes and old Leather Shin Guards and a Leather Measuring Tape.

The last market I found was the Monday Antique Market at Covent Gardens and there was just as much treasure there as everywhere else~

Look at those Bread Tins!

Such a great trip!


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