Monday, October 15, 2012

The Prairie and Rachel Ashwell

It's hard to believe I've been gone for almost 3 weeks between Round Top and then the market in Atlanta but it sure is good to be home. I took a bunch of pics of Round Top that I want to share but thought I would share something juicy first! While we were in Texas I made friends with a wonderful vendor who's sarcasm is as on point as her beautiful style. Needless to say she was a hoot to be around and invited me to go with her to Rachel Ashwell's The Prairie for a book signing for her new book and her feature in Where Women Create.....Kill me now what a dream!

I tried to take as many pics as possible to share but I will warn...they are not super great since I didn't want to look like a loser taking pics of everything! This is one of her beautiful outbuildings surrounded by flowers that basically smelled like heaven. The smell of flowers was so strong I basically thought it was fake :)

Not sure what treasure was hidden behind those doors...but I can only imagine~

Horrible pic but this is where the signing was held and these are some gorgeous interior pics~

I wanted badly to smuggle this bench out under my dress...

Killer chair huh? The doll I went to the party with sold it to Rachel...she has phenomenal taste! Trust me her booth was just as good!

Drum Roll.....I present to you...
Rachel herself~

The only downside was I couldn't bring my mom...I felt like a dirty rotten traitor!
On the property is also the shop which was packed to the rafters and filled with treasures~

If you're nosy like me you would want to know that some of this was picked while the show was going on in Round Top and Warrenton and several days she was walking around shopping...just like us mere design mortals :) lovely!

I cannot wait until the next show...hopefully there will be another event at The Prairie!


  1. We were there too and had the best time. I love Rachel's place and could spend hours there in her tranquil settings. I always loved being at Zapp and since this was the first time in 8 years that I wasn't there, I missed everyone. Will you be back there in the Spring?

  2. I find this so funny since your mom was never a Rachel fan ;) Things do change don't they.........

  3. Hi Aspen, I had the pleasure of meeting you & your lovely Mom last yr @ the Fancy Flea & purchased things that I love from you! I'll be at the Country Living Fair next wk & will be sure to stop by & plan to buy some more treasures! What a treat it must have been for you to go to Rachel's ~ I'm sure your Mom was happy for you! Safe travels ~ love reading your blog!
    Debbie :)

  4. Yes we will be at Zapp in April too :) Right under the blue and white tent...already excited! Can't wait to see everyone next week in Stone Mtn!