Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Mushroom Factory

I have become slightly obsessed with glitter this all started with Pinterest (of course!) but have had a blast gluing and glittering to my heart's content in the past few days. I found these wonderful mushrooms forms and began "growing" them in my little Mushroom Factory in the Dining Room and I love each one so much that I wanted to take you on a tour of the factory!

This is the factory where Glitter Mushrooms are grown in little French Terracotta Pots on a sweet bed of moss! There is soo much glitter everywhere that I 'm pretty sure it got in our food last night...but I'm not going to bring that up at my house! I wish I had more forms since they just look so sweet.

And finally... the Harvest! I want to use them in a cloche or terrarium but have to find some beautiful things to surround them with...maybe some fern...moss and a little succulent.


  1. Love these!! I have a wee glitter problem of my own...

  2. It's like an addiction...I have glittered everything at this point and I even dream of glittering things. I need help :)