Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Junking

Took me awhile but I finally made my way back for the rest of the photos :)  Between Work...a 2yr old and the hundreds of projects I have assigned myself the only time I can remember the entire "To Do" list is right before bed time but I have been working on alot of pieces that I need to share too. the junk...this little chair was only $35! I almost died!

So this little monstrosity is in the midst of a makeover, it has great bones and should be an easy recover..I'm thinking about using duckcloth and then stenciling on the back of the seat.
I HOPE to have it done by Saturday for a local antique market yard sale and so far it looks better with just the hideous fabric, or should I say plastic off ...

This is one of my favorites. It was covered in dust but came with the tureen, platter and even had the lid with no cracks or chips. Just made me happy!

Enough about my new love...this little bottle is worth a mention too. I have never seen one with a crown top and thought it was the best $2 ever spent, hands down!

Great pair of Angel Wings (One for Etsy too!)

This little table I already painted a pale blue (it was originally just wood) but it has a great swag detail which is kind of hard to make out in the picture-

Detail of the Swag
Well it's off to paint more furniture and bed!
Have a great evening~

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