Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Getting Ready for Shows

In my every day life I'm a real estate agent and work mainly with foreclosing banks so as you can imagine...there's alot of work and plenty of properties in this wonderful economy :) But busy as that is I don't think I've ever enjoyed anything as much as getting my Shop up and open, going to Flea Markets and making anything and everything I think of even tho I occassionally forget that blogland exists...

a few of the things headed to the Fancy Flea and Shrimp Festival (Fernandina Beach, FL) 

Peat Cups Embellished with Glitter & Vintage Music Note Banners...for placecards or just decoration
Love the Garden Buckets with Burlap Stamps

This is just wonderful~ the guy I got this bread board from bought it north of Paris and said it was so covered in dirt he couldn't even tell it had a stamp until he cleaned and oiled it.

Close up of the stamp

Little Mini Maison in French Grey

English Marmalade Jars

I  also have a a lot of furniture in the works and multiple sofas, a pretty French rocking chair, table and side table that I hope to have done in the next couple weeks. We are also getting in Wicker Rolling Market Basket (see below) which I can't believe we found. They are so amazing for Flea Markets and so much cuter than regular wire market baskets.

If you are interested in anything please feel free to let me know and hopefully it won't be another whole week before I can catch a chance to update.
Have a great week!

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