Monday, March 5, 2012

Ma Maison Garland

I worked on a couple of gardlands in the past few days and this by far is my favorite...I find an excuse to walk by it every time I'm in the room just so I can see it again. Don't mind the blank's actually hanging over a window that was sheetrocked over by the last owners and is going to be re-opened soon so I can't hang anything heavy there since it would go straight thru :)

Most of it was different recycled wrapping or papers but I love making them and putting it all together. We are doing 2 more shows in April (The Fancy Flea in Lakeland, FL and then The Shrimp Festival in Fernandina Beach, FL) so I'm getting everything ready and creating piles of stuff! I love it!!

This is one more I made orginally for my craft room...

Next on the list is a Marie Antoinette one and a Cupcake one.
Have a great day!

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