Monday, March 12, 2012

Scott's Antique Market....Better Than Expected

This weekend we packed up and headed to Atlanta to test out Scott's Antique Market and see if it was any good. The reviews online are not so all. In fact I have been avoiding Scott's because everyone says it's so expensive that it's not worth it the drive but I was bored and thought I would give it a go! I think I was probably the first buyer to show up that morning so it was great to look at all the booths without a crowd....and boy did they have some BEAUTIFUL stuff. We're talking the type of furniture I thought only existed in that you feel it necessary to pet to make sure it's real.

The $12k "Birdhouse" with Metal Legs...To Die For

We started in the North Building and gaped and gaped and I will be honest, I had sticker shock. More like I went into a price coma. The furniture was amazing but the prices were not meant for shop owners or people (like me) who want to buy furniture and make it into something better. I was starting to get a little sick that I had driven so far and the reviews had turned out to be true...but...
then I ran into a vendor we had seen at Mt Dora last month and started talking to her and she gave me the rundown for making the show a big success. Apparently I was on the wrong side of the show! I felt very stupid needless to say but the North Building was gorgeous but the real junking was to be had on the SOUTH side! That's where the outdoor market and deals are to be had. The funny thing is you can't even see it from the first building. I hightailed my butt over there and the fun began!!

The Outdoor area had some great vendors especially if you are looking for architectural pieces or metal items. On the far side is a permanent vendor with a warehouse full of stuff you literally have to dig thru. I found an old canvas linen cart which I almost hypervenilated over and this awesome metal rack to use for display in my shop~

Vintage Metal Vent

This little lovely French Queen Bust went home with me...I haven't decided if I'm going to put her in the shop or keep her~
So to sum it all up if you are plannign a trip...hit the South Expo Center and outdoor market first. You will surely find something great and then if you have some time left I would suggest the North Expo Center to look at items or if you just want to purchase pieces that need no work, but one last word of caution. The vendors on the North side don't feel it necessary to show up when the event starts and it can be very frustrating to find prices because nothing is marked. However you may decide you prefer the South Expo Center much better and just not leave! I did get many goodies for the store that I will share later once I unpack. Have a great evening!
 Scott Antique Market

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