Thursday, May 24, 2012

New on Etsy

I hope everyone has great plans for this holiday weekend and it doesn't rain long enough to spend some time at the pool ! Before the weekend begins I just want to share some of the goodies I have on Etsy~

I had never seen these before until I actually found them and even then was a little confused as to what they were but they are Vintage Copper Doll Heads that came out of a factory in NY about 30 yrs or so ago when the factory was shut down. All three are different but have all the details still there including strands of hair and little neat!

Metal Ladle Bucket which is approx 6.5" tall. The handle does slide down if you don't want to use it but I've been hanging them off vintage ladders with flowers in them on my front cute

Swedish Style Cane Sided Chair
Pale Greyish Blue with Linen Covered Upholstery and Back

Handmade Beehive Maison Garland stenciled on Linen and Burlap with Hand Stitched Beehive
Skeps on either end

Love this Numbered Foot Ottoman! Perfect for placing in front of a chair as an ottoman/foot stool or used as a small chair for kids.

3 Garden Stakes with Vintage Little Birds with Chalkboard Stakes
I have these little devils all over in my food markers at useful!

I have quite a few other things if you have a moment to hop over and look and about 2 storage units full as well...but that's another story :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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