Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nautical Saturday

I was so determined yesterday to make it to the pool with's a summer ritual since I was a kid growing up in Alabama  to spend every waking moment of the summer by the pool or ocean or creek....whatever water I can find. So I was so excited as I was laid out by the pool soaking up some skin cancer to see this nautical house built from a ship (yes a ship!) in Country Living~ I heard those dang angels again!~  This house literally spoke to my heart.... and it said.... please come live here and NEVER leave!
Let's not waste any time, I will just start out with my favorite pic!
The crunchy fabric on the chair and the canvas flask type thing behind it...the wire baskets, the ship, the oils....Le Sigh

I love how light and white it is....I would probably be scared to do it with a 2 yr old but I feel a new wind a blowing in my house....greys & whites....

Just a simple little kitchen and oil of a ship...with a gorgeous mirror in the left corner~ see it hiding?

Love the Blue Jugs...

I will take the entire little area home, especially the stools

Collection of Belgian Wig Maker Heads and Mirrors

This looks really similar to how I organize my cabinets....

Such a fitting house for a Memorial Day Weekend! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Now I'm off to get ready for boating....I have to soak in all the water time I can get before our 1 month of winter sneaks up on us :)

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