Monday, May 21, 2012

The Birdcage

This past week was so jammed pack I'm surprised I got much accomplished....I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled, move 3 trailer loads of furniture to storage that's doesn't fit in the shop, prepare for a birthday party and finish decorating the roomsI knew people would see. I don't know about you but I love having people over and work until the last minute making sure the house looks good, there's plenty of food etc but barely end up with enough time to even get dressed :)

In the midst of getting the house decorated I had one of those moments that happens when you have the perfect items to pull together into one wonderful, stupendous, heart pounding little vignette that makes you go "WHOA that was a stroke of genius!" and it all revolved around this magical green iron birdcage so I thought I would share....

I might need help I love this cage so much....

This is my new sign I found a couple weeks ago as just makes me happy!

This is my entry table... I still need to paint it and the walls but I change it so often I can't decide on a color~

I redid our firescreen too and considering it was the day after I had my wisdom teeth pulled it turned out pretty good :)

I've worked really hard to get my Etsy shop going too so I will try and post those pics this week as well but please check it out if you have a second ~

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