Monday, May 28, 2012

Hurricane Beryl & The End of Swimming for the Long Weekend!

I love a good storm and Hurricane Beryl has been a bit a of beast in the past 18 hours.... The wind literally sounded like it was going to rip the trees out of the earth, the cars looked like the might float away (slight exaggeration) but the rain has been non-stop and my mom may still be without power since last night.... thought I would share a couple quick pics I took off the front porch trying not to get soaked~

Orange Hall across the street at 10:30 am

I took advantage of all the rain and set my watering cans out to collect some for watering later~

This is the new water feature in my side yard...similar to a retention pond :)
I had to gather everything up on the porch so it wouldn't be washed or blow away! Beryl has clearly meant the end of swimming and boating related activities this weekend which is good I suppose since I'm a little toasty from the boating experience on Saturday. I do love a good storm as long it doesn't get any closer than it already is.
Enjoy your Memorial Day!

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