Tuesday, May 8, 2012

From 4 Barns to a Dream Home

Don't you just love a good Architectural Salvage Story? I thought this one featured in Elle Decor was a great example of not rushing thru a restoration but actually taking the time to make it right for the home so it looked like it had always been that way. The owners Andrea Filippone & William Welch actually took 4 barns and turned them into one major home with 11,000 sqft of work and living space....take a gander~

Stunning No?

The mantle is divine and apparently they spent a yr chipping paint off of it in order to get
down to the plaster~

This my friends is a room where I'm fairly certain magic is made...The columns, the winged victory, busts,
architectural salvage, chandelier...Yup Happiness & Magic all in the same room~

I love that there's a Santos on the Table!

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